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If you're not meeting the academic progression requirements for your course, our Staying on Track program can help you identify the issues impacting your studies and connect you with relevant support to get your studies back on track.



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If you occasionally fail an assessment or unit of study, this generally won’t cause problems for your academic progression. However, if it becomes a pattern, you may be at risk of exclusion. If you’re not meeting the academic progression requirements for your course, you will be placed on the academic progression register. This can be triggered by red flags such as failing 50% or more of your credit points for the semester, failing a unit of study twice or failing a core unit of study.

Your faculty will notify you if you’ve been placed on the academic progression register and record it on your Progression Profile. We want you to succeed so we strongly encourage you to participate in the Staying on Track program. If you think you’ve been placed on the register by mistake, contact your faculty.

If you’re a student visa holder, contact the University’s international compliance officers for advice about how this could affect your visa.


The progression register involves three stages. If you’re enrolled in an award course of two years or less, you will skip from Stage 1 to Stage 3 without being placed on Stage 2.

Stages 1 and 2 are designed to identify any problems that are impacting on your studies and work out strategies to deal with these issues. In these stages you can complete the Staying on Track self-reflective questionnaire, attend a Staying on Track information session, talk with an academic adviser in your faculty or school and seek help from University services.

You may be eligible for special consideration or special arrangements. If you think you’re eligible for special consideration, make sure you apply before you have been placed on Stage 3.

If you progress to Stage 3, you will need to show good cause why you should be allowed to continue in your award course.

Find out more about academic progression and show cause in the Coursework Policy 2014.


If you’re on the academic progression register and meet your academic progression requirements for two semesters in a row, you’ll be taken off the register.

If you don’t meet the requirements after being taken off the register, you’ll be placed back on Stage 1.


If during semester you don’t think you’ll meet the academic progression requirements, you can consider:

If you’re an international student, withdrawing from a unit of study may not be an option because of visa requirements. Contact your faculty or school to discuss your study options. 


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Last updated: 11 December 2019


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